CTFPHC guidelines summary

for low risk / general population — see Canadian Task Force on Preventative Health Care website for the guidelines, below is only a summary table for educational purposes only.

Screen forAgeTestDo not use...
Breast cancer (2018) *to be updated in fall 202350-74mammogram q2-3yMRI/US/clinical or self breast exam
Colorectal cancer50-74FOBT (gFOBT/FIT) q2-3y or flexible sigmoidoscopy q10ycolonoscopy — done if pt. has sx (eg bleeding)
Lung cancer55-74 with ≥30 pack-year smoking who currently smoke or quit <15y ago. (e.g. 2 packs/day x 15y = 30 pack-years)Low-dose CT annually upto 3 consecutive timesCXR
Cervical cancer25-69
stop @70 if last 3 tests were (-) but if not continue until so
Pap smear q3y
Prostate cancerNo screening test for prostate cancer.PSA is not recommended.
Esophageal cancerNo screening test even in adults with chronic GERD
Depression & Post-partum depressionNo screening in the general population. Don’t use screening questionnaire for all pregnant/ post-partum women
Chlamydia & gonorrhea<30 and sexually active. Annually — NAAT on self/clinic sample annually
Asymptomatic bacteriuria in pregnancy1st trimesterurine culture once only
Impaired visionnot recommended to screen elderly (>65 y)
Abdominal aortic aneurysmMen only
age 65-80
one-time only
Thyroid screeningnot recommended for asymptomatic, non-pregnant adults
Tobacco smoking in kids5-18counselling for all kids. Brief (~5min) when opportunity arises & longer at periodic health visit
Developmental delay1-4Not recommended to screen (eg using a screening tool) but still do developmental milestones check etc
Cognitive impairmentNot recommended to screen elderly (≥65)
hepatitis C (HCV)don’t screen routinely for this
Obesity in children0-17regular growth charts but specific guideline on hold as of Dec 2022
Obesity in adults≥18HbA1C q3-5y if moderate risk and annually if high risk. No screening if low risk.
Hypertension in adults≥18BP measurement at every appropriate visit (eg urgent care, primary care)