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    First Aid for the USMLE Step 2 CK This is one of the most commonly used review books for step 2 CK. While you shouldn’t use it as your only review book, it does a decent job of covering the basic topics you will need to know. We found it to not be comparable to First Aid for the Usmle Step 1, which is considered a gold standard for preparation, however, it is a decent option that will not break the bank.

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    Biostatistics Questions

    A new blood test to detect prostate cancer is evaluated in 300 male volunteers. A needle biopsy of the prostate gland is done on all men with serum prostate-specific antigen concentrations greater than 5 ng/mL (N<4). One hundred men undergo biopsy procedures; 90 are found to have prostate cancer, and five are found to have chronic prostatitis. Which of the following is necessary to calculate the sensitivity of this test? (A)  Incidence of chronic prostatitis in the general population (B)  Number of men with test results greater than 5 ng/mL and a normal biopsy specimen (C)  Prevalence of chronic prostatitis in the general population (D)  Prostate biopsies of men with…